What is IN VITRO?

IN VITRO is a research-creation project about in vitro fertilization, failure, and the politics of the female body.
Who is conducting the research?

I am a transdisciplinary artist exploring constructions of identity through a feminist and scientific lens. The focus on infertility in my current work is the result of reflections following six years of unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization. 

What is the objective of this artwork?

The goal of this artwork is to make visible the experiences of infertile women like me, who have undergone in vitro fertilization without success. In exposing failure - of technology and to become mother - I hope to create an artwork that defies societal norms, and puts forth an underrepresented intersection of science and life for women whose stories would otherwise go unheard.
Who can participate?

Any woman* who has undergone in vitro fertilization without success. Women of all ages, races and socio-economic conditions are welcome. However, only women who have not become mothers by any means will be considered.

*Trans and non-binary people are welcome, however experiences particular to their situation may not be addressed in the final iteration of the artwork.

What is involved in participating?

Each particpant will be asked to take part in a private, in-person discussion about their experiences of unsuccessful in vitro fertilization cycles. Only the audio component of the discussion will be recorded.

Each participant is also invited to donate or loan any objects or documents relating to their unsucessful in vitro fertilization cycles.
How will your privacy be protected?

All interviews will be conducted using voice capturing equipment. No images or video will be taken.

Each participant will be given an anonymous alpha-numeric code. Your identity will never be revealed.

What will the artwork look like?

The artwork will be comprised of two parts. 

The first will be an audio component based on private, in-person discussions with the participants.

The second will take the form of a display,  including any objects or papers offered to the artist by the participants.
Where can I get more information?

Email me at art@heidibarkun.com and put IN VITRO in the subject. I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Thanks for your consideration.

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